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    Andrew Gregory

    Sexting has become a big issue and staff aren’t always aware of the best course of action if they are presented with an incident. What should be referred to the police and what can be dealt with in school are difficult decisions to make.

    This one page PDF from SWGfL provides a good summary of advice:

    Is there anything you would add? Or does anyone have any other good resources?


    Ceri Stokes

    My blog on sexting in light of the new KCSiE


    Andrew Gregory

    Thanks Ceri. I think that the following suggestions that you give could be incredibly helpful to other staff:

    “Make it relatable: We have found that teaching students to be aware of their digital footprint seems to be the only way some students will actually think before they post / send. If there is a possibility it might affect their university/ job offer seems an effective and relatable issue to them. If we explain worse case situations of grooming or paedophile rings, they never seem to believe us and switch off.

    Get older pupils to talk it through with them: Our pupils are our best assets. Pupils don’t seem to believe the teachers, what do we know? but our mentors are excellent. The older students if trained properly offer support and are excellent role models. Likewise with outside speakers.

    Drip feed the info: Don’t just cover sexting or health relationships once for 10 mins as part of the PSHE scheme of work. Introduce it within other topics in yr7, maybe within Health relationships. And then come back to it in yr9 and again in the 6th form. Let Tutors and Parents know the topics that are covered in PSHE and give them links to websites so they can discuss it with the pupils. Invite parents in to hear the guest speakers, educating them.

    Make sure they are aware of the law: Many pupils are unaware that they are breaking the law and that this could have repercussions on future employment.

    Train staff on dealing with sexting: Many staff feel out of touch with technology and wouldn’t know how to help or how to protect themselves. For example one teacher received and email from a parent which images of their daughter and that teacher then emailed it onto the DSL. In the eyes of the law this is illegal.

    Support pupils when they disclose info: Train all staff who offer support, including the nursing team, so that when a child does tell you something, they wont be judged or punished.

    Promote self worth: Look at positive role models for both genders, celebrate everyone’s differences and praising each other. This should be a whole school ethos, covered in assemblies and news letters.

    And we need to keep talking about, this isn’t going to go away. We need to safeguard and protect our students and KCSiE has made it very clear that schools need to take the lead.”


    Ceri Stokes

    Thank you Andrew, will be delivering inset tomorrow so see how comfortable staff feel with the new info


    Andrew Gregory

    I hope your session went well Ceri.

    I’ve put some of the relevant videos I’ve found on the topic into a YouTube Playlist:

    If anyone knows of any others I can add, please let me know.

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