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    Welcome to the i-Safeguard Forum Our forum is open to anyone that is interested in safeguarding children, young people or adults. The forum exists to share good practice and advice, and to discuss and debate topics.  It is moderated by staff and volunteers who are committed to improving safeguarding.

    The i-Safeguard Forum has been developed and is maintained by Victvs Ltd.


    Remember that unless you are posting in a hidden group or hidden forum then anything that you do post is in the public domain.  Please also remember that the rules below apply to private messages as well as public ones.


    We ask all people using our forum to be aware of the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Users of the forum should also be aware of the following rules:

    1. Confidentiality and disclosure

    As a forum committed to improving safeguarding we must ensure that as a community we uphold the standards we expect all of those working with children and vulnerable adults to display.

    Please remember:

    The forum is not a place to gossip or to discuss individual on-going safeguarding cases.  This is a core value of safeguarding in the workplace and should be no different in the online world.

    1. Your personal information

    Due to the sensitive nature of the topics that may be discussed (or simply because you prefer) you may wish to choose a pseudonym for your username. For your own safety, any posts containing addresses or phone numbers will be deleted. If you would like to share this information with other forum users, please do so through a private message.

    1. Posting

    The forum is divided into categories with different topics in each.  Try to ensure that any topic that you post is in the right place.  If you don’t feel that a right place exists, please let us know and we will consider adding additional categories to the forum.  If a topic is placed in an inappropriate place it will be moved to a more suitable location by the moderators.

    Please try and keep to the spirit of a topic.  If you have a separate point to make start a new topic rather than allowing a current topic to veer away from its original purpose.  Moderators reserve the right to lock topics that go off the original point or move topics into new areas. Recommendations between users are fine but posts should not be commercially driven.  Any that are will be removed.  Users are allowed to post URLs (that are relevant to a discussion) but must not post large amounts of content from other websites.  It is acceptable to copy a small section of content and then link to another site.

    Private messages should remain private.  They should not be re-posted into the public forum.

    i-Safeguard has the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic, post or message at any time as we see fit.

    1. Behaviour towards other users

    We want the forum to be welcoming and supportive as well as a place for active discussion and debate.

    This means that people will have different opinions and may well disagree with you.

    Please consider the tone of your posts and discuss the facts presented rather than making assumptions about individuals.  Be respectful to each other even if you disagree.

    Language or behaviour that is offensive or intimidating will not be tolerated.  Any post that constitutes or encourages illegal behaviour will result in the user and their details being provided to the relevant authorities.

    5. Complaints / reports

    Any user who feels that a posted or private message is inappropriate is encouraged to contact us immediately by email on

    6. Copyright

    In posting content to this forum you grant i-Safeguard Forum a non-exclusive worldwide royalty-free perpetual non-revocable licence to use, distribute, adapt, modify, display, reproduce and transmit such content in any and all media in the manner in whole or in part without any duty to account to the member.

    1. Research

    The i-Safegaurd Forum exists to discuss all matters relating to safeguarding.  Users are welcome to post information about their own research and to link to that of other people.  If you would like to discuss potential research collaboration with the i-Safeguard Forum please contact

    Thank you

    i-Safeguard Forum

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