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    Sidrah Ahmad

    In 2011, Nancy Lublin was the CEO of, a non profit that mobilises young people to volunteer via text messages. For every call to action they sent out, whether that was  asking teens to run food drives, send valentines to the elderly, etc.— they would receive a few dozen responses that had nothing to do with volunteering — texts that were simply cries for help.

    Without protocol or precedent, Nancy Lublin was unsure how to deal with the crisis.

    The realisation: If people are going ask for help via text, there needs to be a response hotline by text.
    The Crisis Text Line, a free 24/7 service providing immediate assistance to those in crisis, was born.

    The objective: Crisis Text Line’s mission is to take people from a “hot moment” to a “cool calm.” If councillors are unable to diffuse a situation or feel the sender of the text is in danger, they call in emergency services.

    Do Something:
    Crisis Textline:
    Nancy Lublin on twitter: @nancylublin

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