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    Luke Currie


    Posting this here as every time I use the contact button it seems to cause an error. Maybe the community can help!

    I have just introduced this to my school. I want to be able to print certificates off for my staff as well as keep copies either digitally or printed. Is this possible from my account? I cannot see an option to do so and it says I do not have permission to view their profiles.

    Secondly, some stats on when they began the course, how long it took them to complete it, quiz scores and finally how long it has been since they completed training would be very useful for record keeping.

    Any help would be most appreciated.


    Victvs Group Leader

    Hi Luke,

    Which contact button did you try? The live chat? If you let me know which one is causing the error we can look into this for you.

    At the moment you are not able to access the accounts of your staff in order to print/ collate their certificates from your account but this is something we can look to introduce if it would be a useful feature for you and other users.

    In terms of stats you can get most of what you are asking for from the ‘manage groups’ button on the Group Progress page. This gives you the option to export user progress and results and will allow you to record staff scores.

    Hope this helps.


    Luke Currie


    It is definitely a useful feature. Otherwise we have to rely on our staff to print them and hand them in. It is another thing to chase.


    Luke Currie

    ‘You can view and print certificates for compliance purposes and upcoming inspections.’

    This is listed as one of the features of the system.


    Luke Currie


    Has there been any movement on this? I am having quite a few issues at the moment collecting in copies of certificates for our HR records. We are due an inspection and yes, the system shows who has completed the course but when they inspect they want to see physical records.

    Also having issues with users that say they have not received the registration email. Often it is in their junk folder but what to do if they cannot find it? I cannot click a button to resend the email like you can do in many other admin sections of other services. I can’t even delete users without getting authorisation. Surely we should be given greater control of our users.

    Best wishes,




    Hi Luke

    Anyone that hasn’t received their log in details can get them by clicking on ‘forgot password’ on the log in screen. This will allow them to enter their email address and be sent a link to log in.

    We are currently working on giving you greater control of your users including the ability to delete users from your group and view their certificates. These changes will be in iS’18 launched in September.

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