4 mistakes schools make with safeguarding training

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    Mistake 1 – purchasing individual courses

    Safeguarding has changed a great deal over the past decade and encompasses more issues than ever before. Attempting to stay on top of ever changing requirements can be a real challenge. Schools often purchase individual courses to provide training on the latest issue but keeping up when time for training is limited can be difficult.

    iSafeguard contains all safeguarding topics and because it is constantly being updated and revised you always have access to the latest training and guidance.

    Mistake 2 – Making training a one-off event

    Both face-to-face and online training is often a one-off event. Something that is done in directed time as part of an INSET session. The training may be excellent but if it isn’t reinforced or referred to it will lose its effectiveness.

    The iSafeguard hub is a tool as well as training. It contains all of the key safeguarding documents and guidance, plus curated video playlists on all topics. Termly updates are sent to iSafeguard users ensuring that messages are reinforced and staff are always up to date.

    Mistake 3 – Restricting which staff are trained due to cost

    Pupil safety is often compromised because of cost. When it costs more to train all staff, schools restrict who to train. This means that staff such as midday supervisors, minibus drivers and site staff who are often well placed to pick up on safeguarding issues miss out.
    An iSafeguard annual subscription provides you with unlimited users so you do not choose who to train based on cost but need.

    Mistake 4 – failing to see the connections between issues

    Linked to the point above, seeing issues as separate and failing to view safeguarding holistically means that key connections are missed. We have written about this in relation to the Prevent Duty. When we view issues as distinct from one another and not as an element of safeguarding we treat them different and miss obvious links.

    iSafeguard contains modules on separate safeguarding topics but all contain links within them to other relevant safeguarding issues. The iSafeguard Forum also provides a place for safeguarding professionals to connect and explore best practice.


    If you would like to try iSafeguard for free email us at isafeguard@victvs.co.uk and we will be happy to arrange a trial account for you.

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