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Intervention programme for individuals displaying abusive behaviours


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    Sidrah Ahmad

    I recently received an email about a programme, organised by The Domestic Abuse Restorative Family Approaches (DARFA) Partnership.

    DARFA (Domestic Abuse Restorative Family Approaches) and Heroes Training are piloting two exciting programmes in Cardiff, South Wales. These two programs are called Blueprint. One is for women and the other for men. They are intervention programs and focus on working with individuals of either gender, who are displaying abusive behaviours in a family setting. These abusive behaviours could be physical, mental or emotional in nature.

    The male program has been successfully facilitated for several years in the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and Llanelli for Parc Prison, Flying Start, and Social Services.

    Both programs begin on 30th January 2017 and are sixteen weeks in duration. They will take place 5.30 until 8pm, Mondays for Men’s group and Friday’s for Women. They both run in a venue near Cardiff City Centre and Cardiff Bay. Referrals are being accepted now.

    “Experience has shown that if we define a person as ‘abusive’, there is far less engagement with professionals. With Blueprint we still hold the person fully accountable and responsible for their abusive behaviours, but we can begin to separate the behaviour from the person, and with help and support, this behaviour can be changed. By shifting the focus from the abuser/victim dichotomy, Blueprint flows into a more Restorative Approach to abusive behaviour, and works much more organically with the dynamics of the family setting.”

    Full details are available at or from

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