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My iSafeguard Experience

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    Sidrah Ahmad

    Hello Everyone!

    The iSafeguard Training system has been running in schools since September and we’d like to get a better idea of user experience, what you like most about the system and any changes we could introduce in the next version of iSafeguard. Please use this forum to share your experiences, thank you.


    Luke Currie

    I love how engaged all of my staff are while using it. Many of them have said they want to do the Intermediate and Advanced courses as well because they found it interesting. The content is very good and I feel the staff gain an excellent understanding of their duties as frontline staff, particularly when it comes to Prevent.

    From an HR perspective I think there could be big improvements. I mentioned on another thread that I think as the DSL you should be able to print off certificates for your records rather than relying on them handing them in. I would like to be able to update passwords and have more administrative control of the users too.



    Hi Luke,

    we are really pleased to hear that your staff are engaged and you feel that they are benefitting from the training. It is great that many of them want to extend their knowledge.

    With regards to certificates we have focussed on providing the Group Leader with an overview through the Group Progress tab. This data can be exported for your records and gives you an overview of all of your staff without you needing to collate their individual certificates.

    We understand why you may wish to do this (and will look to introduce an easier way for you to do so) but we know that from a compliance point of view bodies such as Ofsted and ISI will be looking at the impact of training and not just records of completion.

    We are in the process of developing iSafeguard ’18 due to be launched in September so we would love to have a chat with you with about your suggestions for improvement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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