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Clinical supervision for safeguarding leads

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    We were at the Girl Guides HQ in central London last week for the National Youth Safeguarding Forum. One of the topics on the agenda for the day was ‘supervision for safeguarding leads’. Clinical supervision is a regular feature of work for those working in health care but it is much less common in the education sector. Performance management is something all teachers will be familiar with but who do you go to for support on dealing with safeguarding issues? Especially when you are the safeguarding lead. Do iSafeguard members receive clinical supervision? Do you know what it meant by the term? Is this kind of supervision something you would benefit from? Let us know your thoughts.


    Ann Warner

    It tends to be rather adhoc where I work. We are good at supporting each other but there aren’t regular meetings etc put in for this. Would definitely like to have something more formal in the education sector.

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